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Whether you were fortunate enough to be one of the over two hundred people who attended or if you were one of the many who couldn’t make it, now you can leisurely peruse everything that was on display that day!  You can watch Center In On Kids, the movie of our school and even follow along with the complete transcript, because the sound is a bit scratchy in places. The entire slideshow that played continuously all day on the big screen is available as is all the Center Swingers music. Hundreds of class photos can be 

inspected and you can even take a virtual tour of all the exhibits.  And there is lots more!!


If you find yourself with an old Center School classmate, you can listen to the Center Swingers or look at your class photos right from your phone.


I am so excited that I was able to assemble the research, displays, movie, slideshow and music from our Center School Celebration to produce this website.  I am grateful to the many people who helped with the original celebration whose names are listed on the Volunteers page.  I could never have completed this endeavor without the work of my son, Chris, who spent many hours setting up the actual website.  He was born the year that Center School closed.  When I showed him Center In On Kids, he was amazed that such a school had ever existed! How I wished he could have been a student there. He also remastered and digitally restored all the music from the forty-year-old vinyl Center Swingers albums! 


Enjoy exploring all the topics on the website and please leave a comment on the COMMENTS tab after your visit.


Shine on Center School!

With warmest regards, 

Mary-Ellen McDonald



There is still some adjusting to do. Please email me at with suggestions.


Each heading has a pull-down menu. Take a minute to browse all the topics.


Depending on your internet speed, some photos may be a bit slow to load, be patient.


Some photos are arranged in galleries, others in slide show format.  Text is often in PDF form.  Scroll down all the way to be sure not to miss something.


Clicking on photos allows you to look at larger versions or scroll through. Use full screen and zooming to get optimum views. If you wish to make a copy of any of the photos, you can do a screen shot or take a picture with your phone. 


The music player on the bottom right corner allows you to play the music in the background while accessing other parts of the site. It also allows you to download the music.  If you have any difficulty downloading, please contact me.


All the displays and signage are stored in two large plastic bags and a small box available for loan for class reunions or gatherings.

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